Shah Ali

A highly creative, hybrid, versatile product developer with a strong background in front-end development, technical SEO, analytics, digital marketing, social media and UX who possesses self-discipline and able to manage projects independently.


Able to play a key role within the management team to deliver products and features. Ensure maximum accessibility, customer experience and usability. An exceptional team player who thrives on creating engaging creative solutions, is deadline orientated and has the ability to produce detailed technical specifications from client requirements.

Develop new product ideas, analyse trends and able to communicate clearly and effectively. Very dynamic, ambitious, growing organisation and build and enhance a career in digital development.

24 stories by Shah Ali

Innovation in cancer research

Cancer breakthroughs are ongoing and are continuing to develop at a rapid pace. Advances in genetic sequencing, immunotherapy, and...

Nov 29 · 36 sec read >

Purpose of life

Sometimes I think if you did not have a conscience, how would you be able to fulfil your role...

Jan 2 · 1 min read >

The far away star

Throughout your whole life, you have shown the true light Happiness enjoys implemented your Image at night At every...

Jun 7 · 42 sec read >

Express yourself

Every so often we embark on a new journey to enlighten our knowledge with topics that makes us appreciate...

Jun 6 · 35 sec read >

The Truth

A moment of truth awakes me from sleep, Your pre-eminent beauty have contemplated my thoughts so deep, With your...

Jun 6 · 40 sec read >

Everything in life

life is full of wonders and dreams life is full of pain and disappointment life is full of surprises...

Jun 6 · 15 sec read >

Planet Earth

Planet Earth, humankind’s first natural habitat and place,A large body holding us in this dark and infinite space.Its main...

Jul 11 · 50 sec read >

The Dawn

My life moves like a constant wave of motion, And has endured all the dangers from this noxious ocean....

Oct 23 · 51 sec read >

The Creation

Natures character towards humanity is fair and, humanitarian Nature who obeys to its creator Who builds this prominent world...

Oct 22 · 54 sec read >