Today I felt ill what I can do to make myself feel better. I have to wait till this illness to disappear....

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Today I felt ill what I can do to make myself feel better. I have to wait till this illness to disappear. I’ve tried taking medicine that is seem to work. I’ve been doing exercise drinking water vitamins and I name it which I have not done why do I feel tired?? why do I feel lazy?? I don’t feel like doing anything just lying down and rest my head..I avoid seeing the light I cover my eyes because it hurts … when I’m facing the light suddenly I realise that I’m not well this whole action is happening in front of me…I have no energy to fight everything is holding me back…. all I do is pray to Allah and that is the only answer to my questions…. I can’t think of anything else I look above and I believe in Allah what ever ask for he gives me and when I want something I say from my heart and I actually mean it in life there’s nothing I wanted just to be peace and be loved by others who knows in the future if I Will Survive or not but I want people to remember me as a good person and all the good deeds I’ve done and left behind in this world nothing is going with you another graveyard not even your family Money car house friends you can name it all but nothing just an empty box with yourself into a dark place where you got will end your life but only Allah knows when you wake up from the darkness where will you end up in fire for your badness or somewhere bright With Angels around you I don’t know what I’ve done or where will I be going but I can say if I did any mistakes I did not do it in purpose sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing but from other’s eyes is seems to be wrong it’s not your fault it just happens I would like to say one day when I shave something from my hard work I would love to share with everyone improve others that if you want something with your care heart you get it could be anything today I’m sitting being ill can’t get up car move but in the future when I can I should never give up in my future all I’m saying is be yourself work hard and see things brightness and make a light brighter because you don’t know what we can do for you tomorrow.


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an everlasting peace

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