How to memorize Quran Online

More Features of Our Classes at BeIN Quran Academy There are many advantages within our classes in the academy, where the Quran...

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How to memorize Quran Online

More Features of Our Classes at BeIN Quran Academy
There are many advantages within our classes in the academy, where the Quran memorization online course is designed for children, adults, men, and women as well who want to Hifz the entire Quran or part of it to reach the Ijazah in the Holy Quran with the help of a group of highly experienced and certified teachers for memorizing the Quran as they are graduates Prestigious Islamic universities and the most important features:
1- Schedule Your Classes Anytime 24/7:
Scheduling Quran memorization online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking into account the differences in the time zone, as BeIN Quran Academy allows students to choose the appropriate schedule for them, as teachers are present around the clock.
2- 1-to-1 Quran memorization classes:
The academy takes into account the differences in speed, knowledge, and memorization for each student. Therefore, there are plans to memorize students individually, as the teacher pays full attention to the individual to obtain the best results.
2- Explain The Meaning of The Verses:
The teacher pays attention to explaining the meanings of the verses and the reasons for their revelation.
3- Recitation Perfected with Tajweed:
BeIN Quran Academy is interested in non-Arabic speaking students and has developed a specific plan for Quran memorization online for them. The Academy also has an Arabic Language for Beginners course, and a Learn Online Arabic Language Classes course to teach them the Arabic language, and there is also a Quran With Tajweed Online course to learn the complete Tajweed.
4-Target Tracker to Memorize Faster:
The academy, to achieve discipline and interest in memorization, motivates students by developing a good plan to achieve the daily or weekly memorization goal.
5- Highly Qualified Hifz Teachers:
most successful methods in mastering and teaching the Quran Al-Karim.
Realizes the purpose of communicating the meanings and rulings of the Quran Al-Karim.
Explains its goals and objectives to students in easy and clear ways.
Makes the teaching methods of the Quran Al-Karim more comprehensive; By linking the ideas contained in the Quran Al-Karim to human life.
He explains to his students that the Qur’an Al-Karim is the constitution of this nation, the reason for its elevation, and the basis for its support. It is not only readable documents, pages to be blessed with, or verses to be glorified, but it is the method of daily and practical life, which establishes the individual.
Our Strategy for This Memorization Program
BeIN Quran Academy has set three basics for memorizing the Holy Quran efficiently during the Quran memorization course, and they are:
1. Memorizing: This is done by listening to the teacher’s reading three times.
2. Revision of the old: by reciting parts that were memorized from a few weeks or a month from memory.
3. Revision of the new: By reciting the parts that were memorized for a few days from memory.
BeIN Quran Academy also offers two free trial lessons in all its courses.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any age limit to join this course?
There is no specific age to join the Quran memorization online course because it contains multiple levels that suit the age of each student, and there are Hifz lessons for children only.
Which App Do You Use for The Classes?
BeIN Quran Academy uses the Zoom application or Skype application as it contains multiple features that facilitate the use of both the student and the teacher.
Can I Memorize The Quran On My Own?
You cannot memorize the Quran by yourself because you need to learn the rules of intonation, and therefore you may memorize the Quran incorrectly without the guidance of a teacher.
Would you like to learn Quran online with expert tutors?
There are many programs to learn Quran online, but when choosing the academy, expert tutors must be considered first, and they must be graduates of Islamic universities such as BeIN Quran Academy, as it contains a selection of expert tutors who graduated from prestigious Islamic universities and have Ijazah certificates in memorizing the Quran.
What is the fastest way to memorize the Quran?
There are many things that a Muslim must take care of to make it easier for him to memorize, including:
Take care to choose the right time to start memorizing.
Take care to choose the right place for memorization, so that there are few distractions.
Freeing yourself from everything that occupies you before you start memorizing.
Take care to eat sugars because memorization is a function of the mind, and the mind feeds on sugars.
Be keen to start memorizing when the Muslim is in the middle between hunger and satiety.


How to memorize the Qur'an?

How to memorize the Qur’an?

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