Islam Explained

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Islam Explained

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Islam, everyone’s talking about it. With a global community stretching from China to Timbuktu to California and everywhere between. This religion is the way of life of a quarter of humanity. But what is Islam, what do Muslim’s believe, and what is Shakira’s Law. Well let’s find out.

00:00-00:39 Intro
00:38-1:11 Demographics and Geography
1:12-1:55 Name
1:55-3:30 Drawing Muhammad
3:30-6:38 Life Of Muhammad
6:38-7:35 Sunni/Shia
7:35-8:25 Belief In One God
8:25-9:28 Belief in Divine Books and Prophets
9:28-10:32 Belief in the Day Of Judgement
10:31-12:11 The Quran
12:11-15:19 Five Pillars Of Islam
15:20-17:00 Women
17:00-17:59 Halal
17:59-20:23 Sharia Law
20:23-23:16 Outro


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Sources and Further Reading:

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You can find Hadith here. Bukhari is one of the most popular collection of Hadith

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Rumi -The Book of Love Poems of Ecstasy and Longing

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