L4 How to Memorise the Quran || Tafseer Razi || Shaykh Sulayman Timestamps Tafseer Razi – Lesson 4 10/9 Shaykh Van Ael 0:00 Introduction 0:57 Hype that everyone has to become a student...

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L4  How to Memorise the Quran || Tafseer Razi || Shaykh Sulayman

Tafseer Razi – Lesson 4
10/9 Shaykh Van Ael

0:00 Introduction
0:57 Hype that everyone has to become a student of knowledge, it is untrue
1:21 Only three things that need to be known by all Muslims: worshipping of Allah swt, purifying oneself and knowing Allah swt
1:45 Ignorance is more present than knowledge nowadays
1:58 Path presented to you to become a scholar is very often a fake one
3:20 Problem is the false promises made in courses
3:45 First question you need to ask yourself is why you want to do something (e.g. memorize Quran)
4:18 Why do you want to memorize the Quran?
4:23 When you realize your goal, all other tasks which take away from goal seem insignificant
4:47 Memorizing the Quran is not necessary – only surah al-Fatiha and a small surah in order to be able to pray
5:29 We need to compare our goals to our capacities and our dreams to our realities
5:50 Memorizing the Quran is in need of time, of dedication, of freeing oneself
6:00 Someone in the desert will memorize Quran in 6 months easily
6:17 How much sleep are you willing to give up?
6:35 Sacrifice your own time and not others and cannot be memorized in pockets of time
7:15 Quitting what you already have is not an option
7:40 First step is to be realistic
9:50 Memorize 5 lines (not ayahs) per week, it is what the majority of us can do and will take 4 years, 7 months and 12 days to memorize the Quran
14:26 Adapt your life in order to memorize the Quran
14:45 High sugar levels, lack of sleep, preoccupations, distractions, connecting to sins makes it more difficult to memorize
15:40 Exercise improves how the brain works
16:26 Exposing yourself to the early morning sun rays is beneficial
16:45 Body is the temple where memorization takes place
18:50 Maybe you will only want to memorize Juz Amma (Juz 30), that is good
22:20 Memorizing the Quran is a battle of sacrifice
23:35 Do not memorize at the expense of the life you are living
24:35 Repeat the five lines that you have memorized in your prayers
24:55 How: memorize through imitation
27:15 Shaykh Ael will record a video to show how to memorize
27:30 Best way is the Sudanese/Moroccan way – writing on a tablet
28:18 Try writing verses with a pen and paper – strong way to memorize
30:23 Repeat until you can say it without thinking ten times in a row
30:39 If you doubt any part of the verse, then start over again
31:00 Cover with paper and keep practicing
32:40 Repeat in prayers
33:33 Improve your memory with diet – walnuts, lentils, fish, vitamin D
34:35 To memorize a lot, limit use of your phone as it hinders concentration
36:00 Cannot concentrate on two things at the same time
38:15 Preserve ideal situation to memorize Quran by letting go
47:36 In Sudan, they would walk around and memorize
49:56 Connection you have with Quran and lack of distractions makes your life very happy and harmonious
50:39 Find out whether you want to do it, why, whether possible and what you are going to do to make it possible. Write/Print and give to Shaykh.
53:00 Two ways of learning Tajweed – technical and practical (can learn through imitation and correction)

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