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Sometimes I think if you did not have a conscience, how would you be able to fulfil your role in this life....

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Sometimes I think if you did not have a conscience, how would you be able to fulfil your role in this life. How would one be able to accomplish in life and know what steps you must take to achieve those goals? If you have never been able to breathe, how would one have sensed the beauty of life? A life that is full of wonders and secrets for one to explore and appreciate. Secrets that one keeps them from life and sometimes demise, but the more you hide the secret of life, the more you will become a victim of the darkness. How does everything seem to have evolved and so many things still evolving? Is there a limit to how things should happen or do things happen for a reason? Maybe it is natural, but then what is unnatural? What if this world never existed here? And if we were to exist somewhere, where would it be? Maybe this too has reasons for existence.

Our presence in our society where we belong has given us the elements to sustain our cultural diversity. In our subconscious mind, we are constantly seeking answers to our undefined questions. Our heritage and history define our way of living and everything we do: In today’s society, we are learning things in accordance at the same time periodically forgetting our pride. Great leaders have shown us the way to leave a mark and presence in this world.

We need to believe in ourselves; our future depends on us prolonging this illustrious diversity of heritage. We will always remember those great individuals who shaped and built our culture and societies

We all have subconscious thoughts, but do we know what they are meant to be for. I believe that never can anyone imagine nor contemplate the intensity of the mind in your subconscious. It is beyond the reach of our expectations to comprehend what procures this hidden knowledge so profound. The constant thoughts evolving rapidly inside your subconscious enable you to experience your presence in this world. Your actions and intentions may be the only indications of those accomplishments.

The only tool to rectify your mind and characteristics to a great extent is through your subconscious. When your understanding evolves from an outer reach, it can lead to very distinguished levels. However, our minds’ repelling emotions can manipulate our thoughts to far beyond competence. The individual preference of a person can define a distant delusion yet waiting to be explored. A fusion of ecstasy in an oriented transformation will unveil the inner thoughts to pursue the immense anticipation.

To become the victim, the lawyer and the judge of your character can testify to a person and the way you live. You are a person in control of your life and everything that you do is what you want. Life is a gift of principle, honour, hope, and integrity that make it your identity.

You are here for a reason because that is what we live for. If tomorrow never dawns and we are in another place we should remember for the reason we have lived for – to serve this planet, society, and fellow humans.

Written by Shah Ali
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