The Best Method to Memorize the Quran and Master it “Tikrar Program”.

The “Tikrar program” for the memorization and perfection of the Quran located in Medina. The method of memorization and mastery in this...

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The Best Method to Memorize the Quran and Master it "Tikrar Program".

The “Tikrar program” for the
memorization and perfection of the Quran located in Medina.
The method of memorization and mastery in this program is divided into two courses:
First: The new memorization course, which consists of memorizing one page daily. This enables one to complete the whole Quran in approximately one year and eight months. For those wishing to complete the memorization of the Quran in ten months are required to memorize two pages daily.
Second: The course of achieving mastery, which consists of perfecting three pages daily over a period of seven months, or four pages over five months. This course is specifically for those who have memorized the entire Quran, but are yet to master it completely.
Both courses (memorization and mastery) in the program are built upon three pillars, which are: “memorization”, “connection”, and “revision” not sufficing with one at the cost of another.
The method of memorization in both courses is as follows:
First: Listen to the page that is to be memorized three times by a Reciter, while following along in the mushaf, for the new memorization course, and once only for mastery in order to safeguard the memorization from errors and mistakes.
Second: Read the tafsir (interpretation) of the page to be memorized during the day to enhance awareness of the meanings of the particular verses covered. This program recommends; “Al Mukhtasar fi Attafseer (English translation)” and Tafsir Al Muyassar(Arabic).
Third: Begin to memorize the daily portion of the Quran, paying close attention to two important matters:
First: Be aware and focus on the stopping and starting points of the verses on the page being memorized.
Second: While memorizing the current page don’t stop at the last verse, but rather memorize the entire page, along with the first line of the following page; repeating it together to help connect both pages.
Fourth: After the student is sure he has memorized the page, using a voice recorder he should then proceed to record himself reciting the memorized page three times from memory without looking at the mushaf. After completion he should then listen to the recording while looking at the mushaf to ensure proper memorization and to ensure there are no errors.
If any mistakes are found (even one!), this phase is to be repeated. Using the voice recorder he is to then recite three times again.
If no mistakes in the three times, then proceed to the following phase.
Fifth: Following that, he is to begin repeating the page from memory without looking at the mushaf (30 times) for the mastery course or (40 times) for the new memorization course.
If a mistake occurs in any repetition, this count is removed from the overall number and replaced accordingly.
Sixth: If memorizing more than one page a day, please be advised to follow the previous steps on the second and third pages etc.
Seventh: On the following day, repeat what was memorized yesterday five times without looking at the mushaf, which is known as: [Repetition of Yesterday]. Whereas the previous steps are known as: [Today’s Repetition].

This is reciting all mastered (perfected) pages over the previous 30 days from memory; one time, without looking the mushaf.

This is reciting the old memorization from memory without looking at the mushaf. It is upon the student to complete the old memorization every six days.
We intend by old memorization: the portion of memorization that has exited the “connection” phase.
Once you begin memorizing the first page, continue reciting if from memory one time every day for 32 days. On the 33rd day, you drop the initial six days of memorization, and then after six more days have passed you drop six other days from the beginning. And like this continue; every time six days pass you drop six days from the beginning. You will notice that the “connection” phase will not contain less than 25 days of memorization and will not increase more than 30 days.
The beginning days that have been dropped from “connection” become Old Memorization, which has its own section known as “revision”, it must be completed every six days.
It is incumbent upon the student in all phases to pay close attention to reciting properly, in a voice that is heard, not fast or slow, but in the middle which is called ‘Al Hadr’.

you can receive a personalised timetable with advice and tips on memorization by accessing this link:
The New Memorization course
– Memorizing one page daily
– Memorizing two pages daily
The Mastery course
– Mastering three pages daily
-Mastering four pages daily

For more informaition about the program contact:
Men’s section :00966-508466544
Women’s section: 00966:553332452




Kids who memorize Quran

Kids who memorize Quran

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