Unknown Focusing life in a deep dark wood where suspect are hidden under a magic leaf. Suddenly I hear thunder lightning above...

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Focusing life in a deep dark wood where suspect are hidden under a magic leaf.
Suddenly I hear thunder lightning above me and twinkling drops of snow.

In the meantime moon disappears behind the planets and stares with glazing eyes of Love. The moment started when two rivers separated with tears and carried away with their own destination.
One day the adventure started with big bells, music and dance.

Later that night the wind blew with heavy breeze, dashing through her face whispering I’m always with you no matter what!!! Singing, dancing, partying all night with music around capturing memories of life.

Walking down the forest with fear holding hands to be safe and protected from the enemies. Dangers and being alert of fights, arguments and angers thinking all night mind going crazy, asking questions but no answer to be found.

Hearing ecos in the cave passing through tunnels nothing seems to answer!! Seeing evil things shadows following with scary voice screaming and shouting and making the place haunted.

Making you feel suffocated no sign to exit. Sky slowly becomes bright, brings back some brightness in life thinking what today can bring with happiness of joy.

Explores the Earth touching cold and hot air feeling emotional. When two hearts meet it replace with music moving with clouds side by side.

Seeing reflection in the water splashing with tears feeling empty with fear.
Eyes connect, no words are spoken but silent. Sitting alone far from others thinking for a moment where this journey will take.

Whole body is in pain refuse to take any kind of medicine to release the pain.
Without love is called madness hard to recover from this craziness which is out of control. Everything left behind is poisonous broken people’s trust to build up a future.

Living near a waterfall feeling fresh with clear air. Broke all the boundaries that connects with blood. Far far away from the earth without lights can be challenging. Fallen in love is this a punishment? Heart broken into pieces cannot be fixed with glue or magic.

Silky face ,warm heart ,dashing and smashing personality like wide ocean and deep. I’ve choosen you to be my shinning star with no marks or invalid. Can you hear what my heart is saying? Don’t leave without promising that you will fulfil the wish.

Heart beats like a train rushing by with squeaky noise. Birds singing surprisingly cleaning minds full of thoughts. Long way left to find the keys to the secret passion door. Tried using uncommon words to untie all the knots that’s holding the ends.

How to confess your heart out when suddenly heart stops beating, blood leaking out of the body. No think seems to be working without the one word I’m waiting to hear.

Fighting with the hating world, passing by planet’s, going through in circles still No way to be found. Show us one gleam of clue to lead us to your heart without any conclusion.

Touching rough branches, feeling soft clouds , smelling the perfume, looking at the scene. Still no clue to be found. Following the music continues to give hope for the future. Running fast as you could to reach out for the magic leaf where your suspect was hidden with key to your door.

New place i have visited to try out new activities to distract me. I opened a box which had many things but refuse to pick one thing that would take me to close my heart. I decided not to follow my heart but use the brain instead. sometimes i realise whats more important in life then searching. I believe that whats yours will easily come to you.

A lady approached and mentioned have you seen my box? took me by a surprise as i just been looking inside few minutes ago. I realise that box was never mine to open in the first place.

Seeing things that’s not yours feels very awkward. Placed my head down looking terrified and I’ve lost hope totally. It started to rain, drained me down. Finding a place to dry I’ve noticed that i have been here before…which shocked me because i remember touching these flowers with open arms. life is making me do things crazy. Why am i like this? Why is my past haunting me? Why can i not move forward? confuse…confuse..confuse..Please give me a sign?

Will this story of mine ever end? How do i pass all the obstacle that is blocking me? Any clue i can see? whom do i ask to be my companion to take me to reach my heart. I have seen soo many object thats been protecting ME from making MORE mistakes…

Running fast , climbing high, sneaking low and jump down in deep puddle. I felt the blessed. The moment my eyes reached out to see what was in front of me i danced with the shadow. Looked very closely it was my precious thing that i have been looking for sooo long….YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW THE END WILL BE ENDED…

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